Gender Female
Species Android
Partner(s) Dr. Carr
Team Earth Elemental Hunter
Debut Episode 1
Seiyū Sara Nakayama

Juno (ユノ Yuno?) is an android, and a part of the Earth Element Hunters team. height 132cm

Character OutlineEdit

An android who serves as the mobile host of Amy Carr's consciousness (though she was eventually spread as a virus to infect the internet and many computer systems), is an assistant and housekeeper at the base. She makes friends and supports the team, and has extraordinary physical strength, being able to easily carry people larger than herself.

She alerts the Earth Team when the presence of a QEX is detected, and works on improving her human-like behaviors towards them. She has many human-like behaviours, which she explains as a way of something to make others more comfortable. In spite of this, she develops more as time goes on, such as dreaming, friendship, and even sadness.

Juno is able to replicate information within her body. She has a prototype software installed that allows her to inscribe messages on a subatomic level.


Juno plays a role throughout the entire story. She is introduced in the first episode and generally plays the role of the light-hearted comedy relief to set people at ease. It becomes apparent as time goes on that she is not merely a tool so much as a companion and keeper of secrets.

Near the conclusion of the story, Juno forms a strong bond of friendship with a new ally, and plays a pivotal role in a massive undertaking to assist the Element Hunters when they are trapped in Nega-Earth. It is revealed that she symbolizes a source of hope to the hunters and their memories of her help snap them back to reality in their final battle.

The ultimate fate of Juno is not made clear as the tale concludes. Her existence undergoes massive changes and she takes form in many realities, what is known for sure is she maintains a place within the Hunter's hearts.


  • The evolution of Juno in forming human bonds and learning what it means to become human shares many parallels with the android 'Data' of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • Juno was created near the same time as Dr. Carr's hologram, and is simply put how Dr. Carr moves and interacts with things physically, although Juno seems to have a will and thought process of her own.