Hannah Weber
Hanna Uēbā
Birthdate June 12, 2079
Age 11
Gender Female
Species Human
Debut Episode 1
Seiyū Japan : Rie Yamaguchi

Korea : Jeongmi Bae

Hannah Weber (ハンナ・ウェーバー Hanna Uēbā?) is an 11 year-old Idol. height 147cm

Character OutlineEdit

The new leader of the Colony team. She's a well-known celebrity among the people of Earth. She was the icon star of the popular drink, Mirai Orange. Ren and his friends have referred to her catchphrase, "Smile with Mirai Orange." It is outwardly revealed in episode 26 that the government created her. Though she has kept this as a secret from her team mates, the only person she tells is Homi, during their captivity under the neo-QEX. Hannah points out to Homi that they both have the same-shaped ears, which leads Homi into discovering that they are both siblings.