Ally Connolly
Arī Konarī
Birthdate October 3, 2076
Age 13
Gender Female
Species Human
Partner(s) Rodney Ford, Tom Benson
Team Earth Elemental Hunter
Debut Episode 1
Seiyū Sara Nakayama (Japanese)

Seon Lee (Korean)

Ally Connolly (アリー・コナリー Arī Konarī?) is a 13 year girl and a member of the colony Element Hunters. height 162cm

Character OutlineEdit

The former leader of the Colony team. Of Egyptian ethnicity. She sends the Earth Team their current "Booster Wear" after acknowledging them as rivals. At the end of episode 13, she was believed to be dead but was revealed to be alive in the following episode. However, because the government issued revealed her supposed death to the entire public, Ally's leadership position is taken away, and she is kept as a prisoner at the colony. Professor Carr aids her escape from the government and had her join the Earth team as Professor Carr's assistant. She is a terrible cook; her first time cooking made Ren faint. At first, she has terrible time making friends with the Earth team because she never had to make any friends. Later, when she apologizes to Chiara for her cold reactions, Chiara buys her clothes as a welcome-to-earth gift. When she entered the Earth team, she and Juno had became very close and was deeply upset when Juno decided to sacrifice herself.